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FanMix July 08, 2010 4499
*Spoilers ahead!*

When I started up the movie I was feeling duly impressed with the presentation, and the first part of the movie with it’s ‘open your mind’ was great. I thought that maybe it be some kind of mind power thinghy, that this way of playing with time back and forth was a result of the psychic powers of Quato (if that’s how you spell it). Anyway, I was interested in seeing how Jorge would make this play out.

After the second viewing of the alien site on Mars things starting going down hill for me. It was getting increasingly difficult to make sense of some stuff, but as I’ve watched the movie quite a few times before I still knew the plot. The turning off of the air is not shown, but we are faced with it’s consequenses later…as an example. Why is Benny the taxi driver even there with the rebels? But perhaps it isn’t so important, aren´t we just getting a glimpse of the memories of a heroic adventure on Mars, as percieved by Hauser/Quaid?

If you take in the ending, which I will now spoil, stop reading!, all of this is the mind of Arnolds character. But there are several scenes in which Arnold does not appear. This, to me, breaks the idea that it could work out that way. So I would have wanted only Arnold if this was the way it was planned to work. But then perhaps again they implant memories of other places so that it feels like a movie, kinda, for the mind traveler? Who knows?

*No more spoilers below*

Editing skills are obvious. I agree with most of what has been left out of the movie. But as the warning says, this is not for everyone. I didn’t keep that good feeling throughout the movie, and wasn’t really satisfied after watching. To use a Jorge rating: I give this a Yellow light. Go ahead if you think you’re in to this sort of thing.
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