Blair Witch 2: The Artisan Removal Cut

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Brief Synopsis:
A group of obsessed movie fans of Summer 1999's 'The Blair Witch Project' head out into the black forest of Maryland to tour the sights and history of the legendary witch, which the movie was based on. After a night of partying and drinking, the group wakes up with a loss of memory and the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur... Is it a case of mass hysteria? or is there truly evil in these woods after all..

This edit turns the movie into a psychological thriller rather than a horror slasher, a night of partying and boozing slowly descending into madness and delusions. The movies plot will also now not be spoiled immediately, and all will be revealed within the last 8 minutes of the film, leaving the viewers in a state of shock and surprise - just as the director intended. This edit, unlike the theatrical cut will not spoil anything.

There has been many attempts to edit Blair Witch 2, though there is many edits only so few have truly been great.
However great...not entirely accurate, and some editors have taken their own ideas upon the film in which are not accurate or true to the directors original vision. Some of these edits would have to use 'guess work' and there was no other way for them to really know certain things about the movie until now...

I luckily have acquired rare resources and knowledge about the production of this film, so as a huge fan of the movie I have brought it upon myself to finally fix the film in the true vision of the director Joe Berlinger, with incredible amounts of detail and accuracy whilst staying true to the directors cut.
Additional Notes:
Color graded to match the directors cut screenshots and trailers! Features a natural color grading which removes the brown filter from the film, overall more natural darker lighting and more realistic skin tones. The new color grading was created based on images of the film that have no color grading present. Eileen Treacle 'Tristen's Delusion' directors cut hospital scene fully restored with original audio and dialogue New directors cut style movie intro scene featuring Heather Donahue recreated and restored with original opening text 'The following is based on actual events. Some dramatic re-creation was necessary for reasons that will become obvious' All 'Artisan' Jeff's Asylum flashback scenes and asylum movie intro re-shoot scenes removed, All scenes which were previously interrupted with Jeff's flashbacks to asylum shots will now play in their correct format uninterrupted as they would appear in the directors cut. This means that each group members 'delusion' scene will now play in this style - they see something 'supernatural' then they will close their eyes.... and when they open them again they see nothing there as Joe Berlinger intended. Previously these scenes were heavily edited by Artisan with forced gore shots and police interrogation shots. Reveal scene 'Everything Backwards' will now play in 4:3 camera aspect ratio directly from Jeff's monitor like the tapes do in the police station interrogation scenes, previously in the theatrical cut this scene would play in 16:9 camera aspect ratio in full screen, which doesn't make sense considering the time period and cameras they used in the movie. Campfire scene 'Discourse on hysteria' now has two new songs in place of Artisan's Blair Witch 2 soundtrack, these songs were found in Joe Berlinger's B-Roll footage and most likely replaced by Artisan's heavily advertised rock/metal soundtrack. Original movie intro name, scene and font 'Blair Witch 2' restored, no mentions of the name 'Book of Shadows' is present in this edit, all Artisan logos have been replaced with Haxan Films where possible. All Coffin Rock Massacre scenes removed entirely, all detective interrogation scenes moved to the end of the film in correct order where they would play in the directors cut version of the film. Enhanced Carter Burwell's score and extended it in some scenes when able, it is much louder now, voice dialogue volume is also increased and should be louder and clearer.
Other Sources:
-youtube videos and trailers for Blair Witch 2
- for community information and additional lore.
Special Thanks:
to ArtisDead, for the absolutely incredible cover art and assistance he has provided whilst making this edit. Your help has been greatly appreciated.

to Ben Rock (Blair Witch Project) for being a legend

to Blair Witch proboards forum community and admin Tweek, and the official Blair Witch Project facebook group

Release Information:
Special Features
New colour grading to match the directors cuts version of the film. (No more brown filter, looks much more life like)
No 'secrets of esrever' hidden imagery.

Editing Details:
it was my first edit so I was learning things as I went on. I worked on this edit for three years using Vegas 16. I also used other programs like Audacity and Topaz AI Video Enhance. I watched many Youtube guides, and was assisted by a friend sometimes too. I've since made more edits with the knowledge and experience I've gained from working on this edit, and it's really been a great help.

I also spoke to several people who have worked on the Blair Witch franchise in order to make sure everything I did and changed was lore friendly and made sense. My goal when making this edit was for it to become the unofficial directors cut, so I had to really dig deep and stick true to absolutely every single minor detail and information that I had available to myself.
Cuts and Additions:
What is the Artisan Removal Edits purpose? This edit brings the movie as close as possible to the Directors Cut version of the film, removing all Artisan studio tampering such as music, asylum re-shoot scenes, gore scenes, detective interrogation misplaced scenes, whilst bringing Blair Witch 2 back to it's original form.

It is a more 'raw' viewing experience due to some of the loss of quality in restored scenes, though minor, when compared to the theatrical versions scenes. All newly added scenes have been upscaled using AI upscaling technology with added film grain. This is by far the closest thing we'll get to a true directors cut version of the film, other than the name of the edit I like to also consider it an unofficial directors cut.

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