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FanFix April 26, 2009 9262
“So far, all I've been able to track down is the avi.” – Dreamfever

Yup, if you look at the release info above you’ll see that the .avi is all that’s been released so far, like you I’ve been eagerly awaiting a tasty dual layer version of this edit. Modernknife seems to be taking his time over it which probably bodes well for the quality of the release but leaves us all getting rather impatient. Maybe we should start a petition…
Only joking, I’d much rather wait for a higher quality DVD than get a rushed job.

This is such a good version of the film but I do have to agree that, for me, the final montage does support the idea that Deckard IS a replicant what with the ‘made for each other’ line accompanied by the knowing Tyrell nod.
Great to see the shots of Deckard on top of the cars re-integrated at last though…

I’m also hoping, like Toty, to have the opening and closing titles re-inserted for the DVD, the film does seem a little, erm, naked(?) without them.

All in all, I can hardly contain my anticipation (yes, I’m a big Blade Runner fan), Modernknife has done a fantastic job giving us yet another but radically different vision of Blade Runner,
All Hail!
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