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(Updated: February 03, 2022)
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I've always been a fan of the original Blade Runner VO, as it makes the film feel like a sci-fi cyberpunk detective noir in the spirit of Sam Spade and hardboiled crime fiction of the past. If you're like me or even if you're just curious, this edit is definitely worth a viewing. It was honestly shocking to learn that some Deckard VO lines had been tweaked (e.g. to correct pitch), because as far as I could tell, they all sound flawless and seamless. As others have said, while the VO is very tonally different from the feel of the Final Cut and Blade Runner 2049, it *does* actually add to both films by A) clarifying certain events in the movie and illuminating Deckard's thought process, and B) setting up a solid narrative transition into the events of Blade Runner 2049.

Amazingly, this edit also includes every frame from the different major releases of the film. This is a truly impressive feat, and fans will find a lot to like here. The scenes have been cut together very nicely so that action flows seamlessly, and there isn't the slightest hint of an edit in the soundtrack. It's a truly impressive feat.

Unfortunately, I couldn't give the visual editing a perfect score because there are problems. Some of the scenes have text stamped at the bottom out of frame, indicating that you're watching a specific version of the film. This can be jarring at times. There are also very noticeable changes in visual quality, and again, it can be stark and jarring as the visuals switch from one version to another. Short of an effort to upscale or color-correct every segment, it's hard to know what could be done, so I don't much fault the editor.

That said, a quality edit and well worth your time if you're a fan of the VO or just want to give it a try.

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