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Blade Runner – The Deep Cut
November 19, 2009    
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One of the main reasons I love Blade Runner is precisely the hypnotic, reflexive pacing, so from the start I knew this wouldn’t really be for me, yet I liked how you timed the music to the images in the YouTube video of the intro you posted so I gave it a chance. This delivers exactly what it promises: a shorter and much faster paced BR, and does so in a technically mostly excellent way. Editing is totally professional except for that jump during the Leon/Deckard confrontation, and I even thought some of the newly placed music worked (Zhora, yes. Climax, no). However, I stick to the original. This feels too much like a standard action movie and lacks a lot of what makes BR special (for my tastes). Anyway, you are a very good editor and I hope I can see more from you in the future. And the edit I’d recommend to those people who don’t much like the original because of the slower pacing: better an abridged BR than no BR at all, and this could even help make the film grow on them. 7/10.

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