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I don't know how to praise this Blade Runner edit as much as how I feel, but I can only put into words on how I think this has to my be favourite version of any Blade Runner release and I'll be continuing to watch Blade Runner through this version.

The picture and the colours are amazing. The film just looks amazing from start to finish.

The audio and visual edits are professional. I honestly couldn't tell you where they were and that's what makes this a professional edit.

I completely praise the slight changes to the narrative within the film. I'm glad the whole Deckard replicant/human idea is thrown away and I noticed visually that Deckard's eyes no longer glow orange like the replicants. This is a massive positive step for me as Deckard's orange eyes has always been an annoyance of mine. The horrid narration and theatrical ending is discarded, which instantly becomes a positive for any Blade Runner edit. The film just flows so much better with all the changes the editor made.

Overall this is the nearest to perfection that Blade Runner can become. I'm glad with it's presentation. And I'm glad this exists for all Blade Runner fans to enjoy.

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