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Blade Runner is in my top ten favorite films. I never grow tired of watching it and I am obsessed with the score by Vangelis. The original film is a visual masterpiece, entirely devoted to pulling the viewer into this vision of the future and letting us marvel at the awe and wonder of this strange new Los Angeles. This version is more personal. It doesn't replace the final cut of the film - although I'd much rather watch 'Tears in the Rain' than listen to the clunky narration in the theatrical version - but it is a nice way to really focus in on the replicants and their struggle: "living in fear." In many ways, I understand 'Blade Runner' more from watching this version. Being able to see Rutger Hauer's journey completely strung together and as - in a way - the film's protagonist put everything in a new light. Watching this film also made me wish the actual movie were in black and white, an underrated medium that elevates almost every film it's applied to. The only failure in this edit is the Sean Young character, who is introduced, saves Deckard, and then disappears. This isn't necessarily a failure on the editor's part - as the scene of her saving Deckard is necessary to the replicants' plot - but shows a limitation in creating a fanedit with this premise in mind. Still, I highly enjoyed this edit and couldn't help but shed a tear during Hauer's death.

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