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I don't watch as many fanedits I should these days, but there are some that people obviously want to see, and it appears that me too!

Why some fanedits brings a lot of interest?
- Clever take on a very well known and loved movie: check.
- Smart editing (here: reorganization of some scenes that feel like if they still happen in chronological order): check.
- A strong visual change that serves the purpose of the movie (here the B&W): check.
- A narrative that still works very well despite a lot of cuts: check.

Some minor things that bugs me a little:
- Some pixelate picture from time to time. But overall it's beautiful. Just a bit too much compression on the smoke, the fog... things like that.
- We see a police flying car stopping by the roof top in the background during the last scene (Roy's face down - blurry car in the background). It's not jarring as it is, but it made me think about what comes next in the original movie.
- Movie's maybe a bit too short now, but hey it's the price for having this interesting new take.

Of course I loved the relation between Deckard and Rachel in the original (it's the soul of the movie to me) but somehow THIS take of the movie does not need it and it does make the replicants the main characters. The relation between Roy and Priss is now the soul of the movie, and it works.

A very good fanedit that gives you what it was supposed to give.

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Owner's reply September 12, 2014

Thanks very much TMBTM! Means a lot coming from you

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