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"My friends are toys, I make them." You're making friends too ranger613, at a very quick pace with these high quality edits!

I was skeptical, oh yes. Mess with one of the best sci-fi/fantasy movies of all time? Very brave my friend. But your chosen course was brilliant - make Roy the main character rather than Decker. Make the viewer sympathize more with the replicants. This required some drastic cuts and reworking. You accomplished this very well, I had trouble remembering the original sequence of scenes - actually it was done so well I rarely ever thought about it.

The only break that seemed a bit rough was early on, from the Pris/Sebastian meeting to Roy's fist and his "not yet". I was not particularly keen on the fist as the intro to Roy - I understand it sets the stage immediately that he is running out of time, but I think we find out his situation soon enough and don't really need that, and we see him do that with his fist again later. That's my only narrative comment though!

Quality of audio/visual was perfect, at least for my system. I love Rachel's song moved to the end credits, a more somber and reflective ending. The hero is dead.

Black and white took some getting used to, but it actually helped me feel as if I was watching an entirely different movie. In some of the scenes however, I did miss the color and the depth it provides. And with black and white I found I could not see some of the detail that I eat up in a good sci-fi.

Conclusion - I most definitely felt more compassion for the replicants with this edit. With the "questionable things" the replicants did removed from the film, they became the good guys.


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Owner's reply July 03, 2014

Hi kellenpure ,thank you very much for the kind words. I knew this edit was going to be hard because it wasn't an improvement of mediocre material but a reworking of my favorite movie, a masterpiece. I couldn't have done it without the constant support and feedback of the community here, TM2YC went over it for me three times during its evolution and helped it develop from an interesting idea to a companion piece. I'm glad you liked Rachel's song, that piece was so perfect for the end, and I do agree that the film in many places lived in color. Like you said, the black and white gives it a new feel. I'm honored you found this cut enjoyable. I'll try to keep making decent edits for everyone to enjoy haha. I appreciate you taking the time out to review this very much, have a great day my friend :)

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