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I love Blade Runner. The original film is truly something to behold. That said, I didn't know exactly what to expect with this edit, but I'm pleasantly surprised with it. I didn't think that the cuts to the narrative would create such a different experience but I came away loving this alternate version. I know that the original film is very slow, but that's what I love about it, it gives you more atmosphere, but less plot. I'm amazed that this edit was able to present the atmosphere, and the plot on equal levels.

The music choices were pretty much perfect. The aesthetic of retrofuturism is taken to new heights with this music. You have these future-noir visuals combined with music from the past two centuries. The visuals and audio just click.

I also loved how this edit felt. Every character presented felt completely beaten down by the world around them. That's something I didn't feel as much in the original. The ending was brilliantly constructed too. By removing certain scenes and side-plots Beezo created an entirely different character arc for Rick Deckard. Really good work on that.

If I have any complaints, then they're very minor. Some of my favorite shots from the original film were removed from this edit. But I understand that sacrifices had to be made. When pretty much every shot in the original is gorgeous, you're going to lose some good ones when you cut it. Overall, this is definitely worth your time if you're a fan of Blade Runner. Even more so if you're not a fan.

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