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FanFix July 15, 2015 4415
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This was a really nicely done edit. I love "Blade Runner" as is (the so-called Director's Cut is my favorite version) but I can certainly understand why someone would think it's boring and needs "salvaging".

A/V Quality and Editing are top notch, excellent work. As for Narrative and Enjoyment, this version feels a bit off and some of the bigger changes you made I didn't like too much. The music you used was great and I especially liked some of the songs you used ironically. As well, props for including an audio commentary (which I see is your M.O. so far on fanedits). I listened the full commentary and it was great that you pointed out a lot of edits I wouldn't have noticed, such as shots you reversed, and I felt like I completely understood your editing choices and why you changed what you did.

Thumbs Up.

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Owner's reply July 22, 2015

Thank you for the warm review and listening to the commentary track! I always appreciate someone willing to spend some more time on the edit to get a better idea of my intentions, good or bad, of my edit. Thanks again!

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