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There are two things about this edit I really enjoyed: The repurposed opening, and the Deckard-focused closing. These two changes definitely warrant a revisit for those who like this movie.

The first scene with Wallace is one I often skip, and I've always felt it could be removed, and I've seen at least one edit that successfully trimmed it to great effect, in my opinion. But as the opening scene to the movie, it's actually quite incredible. It establishes the overall plot in a very direct and crisp way, and propels the audience forward with a clear idea of what this movie is going to be about. I commend the editor for this rework. I was genuinely surprised by how well it works as the opening.

The final scene was also genuinely affecting. I thought it would be odd not leaving off with K, but that final shot with Deckard and his daughter was amazing, and it felt earned, although some of that may be informed by what was missing from this edit, in particular the scenes with K and Deckard (and dog). I understand wanting to remove the fight between Deckard and K, and can appreciate the challenge of allowing them their "drink" without it, but I did feel like that was missing. K's removal from the subsequent scenes was well done, however. One small suggestion: Might have been better to leave Luv out of the scene entirely. We've seen her operate from afar, so it wouldn't have been a stretch to just have the goons pick up Deckard.

I liked the switch to the street-level scene after the opening, as it establishes the environment in a really immediate and personal way that's more effective than the cars-in-the-sky wide shots we're used to. However, I did find the dialogue confusing (discussion of the tree, in particular).

I noticed a couple very small audio issues, so I've marked that as a 9.

The visual editing was perfect.

I've marked narrative and enjoyment as an eight. While I appreciated the re-jig of the opening scene with Wallace, I do think I enjoy this movie more with the CGI Rachelle removed, and I also found myself missing the interactions between K and Deckard.

Thank you for this experience.

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