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FanMix October 22, 2018 5752
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Overall this is a superb fresh take on an already hard to improve film!

I too dreamed of hearing Vangelis cut of 2049 and at times it really took me a moment to step back and take a breath. PE selected the best tracks he could from Vangelis newer material to best compliment and even in places add tremendously to the scene as a whole. I would highly recommend this edit to anyone who has already seen the original it just gives you that extra little surprise to see what sample PE adds next. His actual cuts to the film also never detract from the over arcing story and simply make it better (the Wallace stuff always needed your edits).

Overall I would say the reason I marked Enjoyment down to an 9 is really down to two music choices that didn't gel with me and took me out of the mood of the scene but this is really only minor and was more down to my personal taste.

Please go ahead and do yourself a favor and watch this excellent edit of 2049.

Thanks again Problem Eliminator.

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