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Ok, so first off, I do have to say that I DO and DON'T recommend this edit, but hear me out.

The narrative is perfect. I'm a huge fan of BR2049 and love the theatrical release as it stands. I think the original release is still a 10/10, but there were a couple of very minor things left to be desired revolving around Wallace, which this edit does its benefit. When I heard the editor removed the Rachael scene, I thought for sure he was bonkers. However, having seen the edit he made to that scene, I can totally understand the choice. Does it change the scene, making it better? I don't know about that. I did feel like it lent more of an emotional impact on Deckard's part for sure. I also like the drastic removal of most of Wallace's scenes, but mostly because I just wasn't a huge fan of the floating eye bots and the birth of a replicate bits, which are gone in this edit. So yeah, as far as the narrative goes, I didn't notice much if anything cut besides the Wallace and Rachael bits. Narratively, it's perfect. (Not that the theatrical wasn't)

Now, as for the bigger change here: The soundtrack. This is where I don;t recommend this edit... I would say maybe half of it worked kinda mostly, while the other half felt out of place and some tracks felt too were familiar. Suffice to say, I wasn't a fan of the new Vangelis soundtrack. I think maybe the Vangelis should stay with the original Blade Runner where it felt appropriate. This movie is 30 years later, and should have a fitting soundtrack that feels new, not a throwback soundtrack. When I got this edit, I thought for sure that I would be enamored by a Vangelis soundtrack, but I just wasn't. It doesn't feel right to me.

Anyways, soundtrack aside, the editing is technically perfect from my perspective. I don't know what magic was used to replace the soundtrack, but it was mixed in there well. As for the narrative and editing, I found zero issues. Honestly, if I could have THIS edit with the ORIGINAL BR2049 soundtrack, that would be fantastic.

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