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FanFix December 21, 2007 3611
Not as huge a fan of this edit as others. I hate Blade Trinity, and this one is a lot more watchable, but I still can’t watch it without having gripes.

+ The first half is great, it feels a lot like the first Blade
+ Hannibal King is cut a lot. A little too much imo, especially at the end. His fight scene is more entertaining than Jessica Biel, who is just not believable as a fighter, no matter what her physique is.
– I wish the exposition on the weapons was gone. Too much like a video-game for me,
– Dracula still annoying as ever.

As much as its great that Ryan Reynolds was cut down, it doesn’t fix the movie alone. The other biggest fault of the movie was Dracula. He’s basically a European fashion model. He should have been cut down as well, so he seems more mysterious or menacing. “Mutha Fucka…I like that.” Ugh.

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