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FanFix December 21, 2007 4673
Blade 3: Behead the King Edition is on par with Uncanny Antman’s Terminator 3: The Coming Storm in terms of quality and overall ability to boost an awful, awful film to more than watchable status. To call Blade: Trinity a bad movie is an insult to bad movies. The ultimate example of a sequel “phoning it in,” it made a very strong argument for David S. Goyer to stick with writing. Introducing two annoying new sidekicks into the mix only complicated the terrible one-liners and silly action sequences. This was made all the more apparent by following up Guillermo del Toro’s masterful Blade II, which was an excercise in superior popcorn filmmaking. Goyer tried to capture a lot of the pizzaz of the first two films but failed by piling on way too much unfunny humor. Luckily for us, the CBB Group was kind enough to excise 99% of these lamer than lame jokes and allow us to focus on the action. Still, they can only do so much and the film still ends up being, by far, the weakest of the trilogy. There’s still too much flash and ridiculously silly moments, like Blade driving his car out of big rig onto the highway and the entire beginning fight scene, for that matter. But, you can only work with what you’re given and I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best version of Blade: Trinity that you will ever see without remaking the entire movie. CBB needs to be congratulated just for their ability to make this movie watchable and entertaining. In fact, I could even see myself watching this movie again (as part of a Blade marathon, of course). The best part of the DVD though is the hilarious bonus feature that features all of Hannibal King’s groan-inducing jokes. It’ll make you appreciate what these guys were able to do even more than just watching the film. Another great edit by CBB. These guys are in a class by themselves.
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