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This is the finale to the trilogy that we never got to see! Having read some background on the movie, it's no wonder why Blade 3 turned out the way it did. Mostly due to Wesley Snipes' lack of interest (it seems like he got forced into doing the third film by contract) the director had to find ways to appropriate his lines to other characters (this is why Ryan Reynolds, much to our detriment and lack of enjoyment) has so much screen time in the original cut. Along with those lines, lots of filler jokes were added and much of what should have been punchy one-liners turned into rambling awful jokes that just took you out of the movie alltogether.

Besides all that, this edit finds the serious action movie that Blade Trinity could have been in between all that other awfulness. Sure it's a little shorter than a typical hollywood movie and the audio editing could use a little work, but overall this is a much faster paced version where it's all about killing the vampire king and less about how much Ryan Reynolds' character can drag this movie down. While it may seem like I have a bone to pick with Mr. Reynolds (and I do usually) it's not like the man can't act or ruins every movie he stars in. I think what more likely happens is that these directors rely on him too much to make something good out of something that's just simply not well written. Some actors are miracle workers in this department; Ryan Reynolds just isn't one of them.

So the moments that are left in this edit are more focused on the central plot and the action surrounding that. You can't take all the camp out of a campy movie, but you can certainly clean up the campsite to make it more presentable :D. Great work CBB and I look forward to your future edits.

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