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Shorts September 11, 2016 5028
(Updated: October 15, 2016)
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I enjoyed this on several levels. Foremost, it’s almost a different beast compared to the lurid original. TM2YC does a great job presenting a straightforward story that I’m sure the director never intended, and a great deal of the wonder comes from knowing of the transformation and seeing how it’s pulled off.

The original film, I found, is also the source of many of TM2YC’s fanediting hallmarks: his fanedit intros, his first-time edit approval graphic, and his very moniker. I was delighted to discover these elements, like a cosmonaut finding hot, gourmet cheeseburgers in a Martian cave.

The new Morricone score carries a somewhat high volume here and there. And though no fault of the faneditor, the inserted footage from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso has unconvincing aged film effects. But the change I would have liked to see most, to decrease the perv vibe, is movie-within-movie material that’s more appropriate for a first date.

I love seeing edits of older films, and TM2YC does a great job of packaging the charm of another time period. I want to see more of these, please. Take me to your cinema.
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