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I also enjoyed this version of the movie, the editor did a superb job of cutting together the scenes in chronological order, while further editing them and cutting other things out. I do not think that this movie can get any better with editing than this.

On the movie itself, I personally was never a fan of Jared Leto "play-acting" the joker, this role is a huge responsibility and takes a certain actor and acting imho and he does not do it for me. I also found Margot Robbie somehow a bit closer to the comic-version in the first Suicide Squad movie than in this one. Although she has really good and funny scenes here as well, in this movie she comes across way more as a "drunk stripper" to cite Will Smith from Suicide Squad :)

The only thing regarding the edit that was apparent to me was the introduction texts to the characters. Of course this is hard to compensate when changing the scenes and when they are hardcoded on the screen. But this took me out a few times, since this reminded me that certain scenes in the original cut came earlier. But I guess there is not a lot to do here.

Great work again, thanks for the effort and enjoyment! Always great to watch a Wakeupkeo cut :)

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