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FanFix May 24, 2011 4603
This is a solid polishing work.
It is of course less radical than the other BIOHAZARD fanedit by Aztek (it was 2 movies in 1) but the overall idea is about the same: quicker pace, less dumb.

I am not as opposed to one-liners as reviewer DwightFry when it comes to action movies like this one. Sure, no one would say such lines in the real world in the same circumstances, but well, in an action movie like this one I do not bother too much. So I don’t mind the few that were still in this edit.
The “Licker” is something else. It is so CGI that he would not scare a 8 years old. The problem is that once you introduce such a creature in an action movie, the audience expect a grand final with this creature, somehow. So unless you radicaly change the mood of the movie to be less “action in your face”, I guess the licker have his place. Maybe removing some shots could be done though, indeed.

I did not see the original for a long time, but the funny thing is that one of the few things I remembered was the body in the water coming back to life (ah, scare jumps…sometime you remember those more than the story, lol). I really liked the fact that you removed it. Simple things like that really add little more tension: the whole “Rain first meeting with the Zombie” scene benefits greatly of this simple small removal.

The return of Kaplan was a bit abrupt (I did not remember the fate of this character so it was a surprise to see him coming back), but it was the goal, and it worked.

So all in all, the edit goal is reached. This do not transform RE into a masterpiece, but I liked it.
This is a solid 8/10 for me. Could have been higher if a little more radical.
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