Biohazard: The Umbrella Conspiracy

Biohazard: The Umbrella Conspiracy
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After an incident in an underground laboratory owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation, an elite commando unit is dispatched to investigate. What they find there is the start of an apocalypse that will sweep the entire world.

This is a prequel to Aztek’s “Biohazard: A Resident Evil Fanedit.”
I was going to leave the original Resident Evil alone until Biohazard took off. I started this over the winter, and finished it, but never got around to doing the DVD until now. The intent of this is the same as the original Biohazard: create a leaner experience with a quicker pace, fewer one-liners, less stupidity, and (hopefully) scarier. Yes, this is a prequel. Woo.
Special Thanks:
Thanks as always goes out to the fanedit community for their feedback, support, and (in this case) patience. Lots of patience.
YOU, the viewer!
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Cuts and Additions:
- Shortened the lab sequence at the beginning so the killing starts right away. Makes the Red Queen more threatening.
- Cut Rain telling Matt to “Blow me.” Rearranged a few shots to make the cut less awkward.
- Removed Rain reconnecting the train to the rails and subsequent references to it. The train now starts up immediately.
- Removed Rain grilling Spence and Alice.
- Removed “Accessing schematic of the Hive.” Yes, we figured that’s what you were doing.
- Removed “We have to take the stairs” after the team discovers the busted lifts.
- Moved Rain’s “Poor bastard” and the corpse in the water coming back to life. Let’s keep the zombies a secret just a bit longer, eh?
- Made a few trims to the laser hallway.
- Cut Spence arguing with Kaplan after the door to the hallway is opened.
- Removed “Bitch isn’t standing now.”
- Cut Rain’s pause before she opens fire, same with Kaplan.
- Removed Kaplan’s “We’re never gonna get out of here.”
- Removed any instances of the dogs staring at Alice. They see her, they attack.
- Removed the music “flush” or something after Alice kills the last dog.
- Removed the zombie trying to attack Matt through the window.
- Cut Matt’s “The illegal kind [of research]” when Alice asks him about Umbrella’s experiments.
- A few trims to the conversation about being sealed in the Hive.
- Cut Rain freaking out when the Red Queen is activated.
- Made a few trims to the subsequent exposition dump.
- Removed “After you” before going into the sewer (call it what it is).
- Removed Rain taunting the zombies with her bleeding hand. We now go right from her killing J.D. to the group crawling on the pipes.
- Edited the escape in such a way that it now looks like Kaplan did kill himself – makes his reappearance later more of a surprise.
- Made a few trims to Spence’s flashback to get rid of references to stuff I had cut earlier.
- Removed “I’m missing you already.”
- Cut Rain’s “Your boyfriend’s a real asshole.”
- The Licker attacks Spence almost as soon as it sees him.
- Removed the second instance of “I’m missing you already” from Alice.
- Removed Rain grabbing the gun and such. The Licker attacks the train before she does so.
- Removed Matt hesitating before he shoots Rain.
- Cut Alice telling Matt he’s infected. Really? :P
- Removed the shadowy figure walking by the window in the lab at the end.
- New credits music: “Army of Me” by Bjork and “Zombie” by the Trucks.
- Post credits Easter Egg!
- Other cuts and trims throughout.
Cover art by Aztek463 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Just finished checking this out. Definitely an improvement on the first Resident Evil film.

I remember when i watched the original for the first time, I thought it was definitely a solid take on the material. I hadn’t played the games all that much. (Still haven’t played that much)But I took it for what it was, Paul W. Anderson’s take on the Resident Evil story. It was better than Doom. I prefer it over Mortal Kombat even. It had its ups and downs. (Could be a little cheesy and felt a little long)

This definitely had a quicker pace, which I enjoyed. It got to the point and kept the roller coaster going. Which I have to say was cool. Like others have said, this isn’t that much of a radical transformation. But it shows that it could be polished from an okay film to a good one, imo.

I’d have to rate this an 8.5 for me. Awesome job and keep up the good work.
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This is a solid polishing work.
It is of course less radical than the other BIOHAZARD fanedit by Aztek (it was 2 movies in 1) but the overall idea is about the same: quicker pace, less dumb.

I am not as opposed to one-liners as reviewer DwightFry when it comes to action movies like this one. Sure, no one would say such lines in the real world in the same circumstances, but well, in an action movie like this one I do not bother too much. So I don’t mind the few that were still in this edit.
The “Licker” is something else. It is so CGI that he would not scare a 8 years old. The problem is that once you introduce such a creature in an action movie, the audience expect a grand final with this creature, somehow. So unless you radicaly change the mood of the movie to be less “action in your face”, I guess the licker have his place. Maybe removing some shots could be done though, indeed.

I did not see the original for a long time, but the funny thing is that one of the few things I remembered was the body in the water coming back to life (ah, scare jumps…sometime you remember those more than the story, lol). I really liked the fact that you removed it. Simple things like that really add little more tension: the whole “Rain first meeting with the Zombie” scene benefits greatly of this simple small removal.

The return of Kaplan was a bit abrupt (I did not remember the fate of this character so it was a surprise to see him coming back), but it was the goal, and it worked.

So all in all, the edit goal is reached. This do not transform RE into a masterpiece, but I liked it.
This is a solid 8/10 for me. Could have been higher if a little more radical.
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This was a great fan edit. I actually had to go back and see what exactly was cut.

While the previous review mentioned the licker, i found that while chessy CGI I am not so sure cuts would help. Basically it is what it is and it worked for the purpose.

The line of getting laid and being bad girl were ok, a little over top but I really didnt care.

Basically this worked really well.

9/10 overall. Audio seemed a bit high and low in places, but not sure if it was my equipment.
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I haven’t seen the original Resident Evil for a while so I’m not sure what exactly got cut, but in any case I enjoyed Aztek’s version better than my memory of the theatrical cut overall, and particularly in its first half, in which it becomes a straightforward action movie with touches of horror and almost no one-liners (I detest one-liners during tense situations, they destroy the mood and show a complete disregard for human behavior in real life, but I must be out of my mind because everyone has to love them, otherwise mainstream cinema wouldn’t be so overloaded with them). Unfortunately, the second half is still too cliche-ridden and has quite too many of those lines still left. As with Az’s previous Biohazard edit of the sequels, I feel like some of the over-the-top stuff left in must for some reason appeal to die-hard fans of the movie series and that’s why it remains. I’m no fan and find those moments ludicrous, so overall I felt the edit was an improvement and a solid effort but still too lite.

Stuff I would have liked to see removed or changed or that bothered me in a way or another:

-After gunning down the first zombie, that extended shot of Rain seems to scream “Hey-just-look-how-bad-ass-a-chick-I-am-keep-looking-and-be-amazed-just-a-bit-more-wow-am-I-tough-and-cool”. Hey, move on, gal. The whole Rain character is written as desperately trying to ape Vasquez from Aliens, and as a result she’s not a character, she’s an imitation of a character, if you know what I mean.

-I wish the Licker had been heavily, and I mean heavily, trimmed. It’s one of the most ludicrous and laughably fake CGI creations I’ve had the misfortune to witness, and takes me out of the story every time it pops up. Reduce it to some fast shots and it might start remotely resembling an effect that works.

-You left in “When I get outta here I think I’m gonna get laid”? Epic facepalm. Probably the most embarrassing line in the whole movie. At least you removed the post-credits reprise of it (the fact that the filmmakers put it there speaks volumes about the “artistic” intentions of the movie).

-The Red Queen’s “I’ve been a bad, bad girl” almost beats the above line. A wisecracking security computer. Genius. NOT. Keeping her cold and “objective”, a bit like HAL 9000, would have been much more effective and made her creepier.

-Bullet time shot. Ugh. Ugh also to many of the physically improbable acrobatics and the slo-mo (or what’s much worse, speed changes within the same shot) during the fights, but I get the feeling that fans like those. To each their own.

Still, a good edit, but one that I wish had gone further. 8/10 overall.
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