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I love the original novel and I've always been a fan of Bogart, but I'm probably going to be one of the extremely few to review this who has only seen the pre-release 1945 cut and NOT the far more well-known 1946 theatrical cut (due to, for reasons I have never quite determined, the Humphrey Bogart Essential Collection DVD set that I purchased only including the 1945 cut and not the 1946 cut). Fantastic! I understand the more famous 1946 cut is infamously confusing for audiences, an issue the 1945 cut doesn't have, and looking over the cut list to see which scenes you were taking from the one cut to insert in the other actually left my jaw dropped - how could anyone have understood what was going on without the DA scene or the scene with the sister breaking into Marlowe's apartment? Those are key to the whole story!

For me, it's the new (to me) reshoot scenes giving more screentime to Bacall that really makes this shine including that incredible scene in the restaurant. Just a great film and this edit is highly recommended! You really did a great job integrating the two cuts together, and this will absolutely be the cut I show people in the future.

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Owner's reply February 19, 2023

Delighted that you enjoyed it so, while both original versions are great in their own right I think it no bad thing to see all the available footage in one place, none of it in my mind outstays its welcome.

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