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April 06, 2015    
(Updated: April 19, 2015)
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This is a perfect tonal, thematic and paced sequel to The Raid. The only thing it doesn't follow up on is the first movie's story, which is one goal of the fanedit and the original is there if you want it. But there isn't a single frame or line in here that makes it feel like part of that story has been removed. That's impressive when 46 minutes has been removed.

Audio/Video Quality: 8
The quality is okay but I couldn't help feeling it should have looked a little sharper for the filesize.

Visual Editing/Audio Editing: 9/9
It's all totally invisible and seemless apart from the transition between the club intro and the toilet-block beat down. I know exactly the sort of Tarantino freeze frame move that was intended. But something in the audio or the visuals felt off. It was either too fast, or too slow. But really this is a tiny little blip that doesn't spoil the enjoyment of the whole.

Narrative: 9
It's a total pleasure to get a narrative this solid and focused from a heavy edit like this. There is a time in the middle when you become aware that Yuda hasn't been in the film enough for a bit, but that's the one flaw. Maybe the new intro perhaps brings too much focus onto Yuda rather than Uco, when this is just as much his story. I thought the reduced screen time for Prakoso would hurt the film but not a bit. The wise talk with Uco is just enough to establish what kind of guy he is.

Enjoyment: 10
Action doesn't get much better than this and in this edit you never really get time for the buzz to wear off, between the chases and the fights. It's all one intense experience.

In conclusion. If you've seen The Raid (and loved it obviously) then I reccomend the following...

1. Buy The Raid 2
2. Watch this fanedit
3. Watch The Raid 2'll still love the enhanced drama and story when you get to "3" but watching "2" first, you won't feel impatient waiting for the next blistering action scene. You'll get that same adrenaline hit as the first movie. I like the original cut of The Raid 2 but you know, if I had to choose only one version, I'd keep this fanedit.

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