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(Updated: August 06, 2014)
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WOW...this is a TOUR DE FORCE...

I love BEN HUR...and most films of this ilk...Rager613 has taken this monster and re-tooled it for the 21st century WITHOUT sacrificing the epic grandeur or story. In fact, it made me appreaciate what a superb actor Charlton Heston is....but I'll come to that.

Removing the Christ subplot and the narration streamlined this into a digestible epic and the running time is spot on.

Visual quality is magnificent as is the onto the technical aspects.

There is a jump cut 55:46ish and that is the only poor transition in the entire movie. Whil Jack Hawkins character and Ben Hur are taking to each other the scene closes in suddenly, a transition which could have been masked by inserting a reaction shot. Also, some of the cross fades were a tad rushed for the tone oof the film and again these could have been a second or two longer even if it mean slowing the speed of clip during the transition when the fade begins...(a trick I've used many times when the source material does not permit a longer fade. For that reason I did not give a 10 here.

Similary, a couple of the audio segues could have had a slightly longer fadeout ...but that now is just a taste question since most viewers will not detect it.
Finally narrative. For the most part SPOT ON. The only areas for constructive criticism are that Ben Hurs fate becoming a galley slave is a tad abrubpt and could have used the removed exposition. Finally, the finale....a tad more Christ earlier would have made his final appearance a tad less abrubpt...and I would have cross faded to the crescendo at Ben Hur's home post the miracle to keep the musical momentum going to a closure rather than inserting the quitter scene post miracle and then the big hug...For me that hurt the narrative flow at both point and drew me out of the edit...

but don't be dissuaded by this over technical review THIS IS A SUPERB EDIT and I highly recommend it. The pace reveals the nuances of Heston's performance in a manner that the 4 hour monster detracts from. IS subtle, wide ranging and full on in its range and for that, we should Thanks RAnger613 for having the vision to touch the untouchable....

ENJOYMENT 10...and that has heavier weight than the other scores.


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