Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Eon Returns

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Eon Returns is an edit of Ben 10,000 Returns that keeps Ben’s future unknown by establishing Ben 10,000 as another alternate future version of Ben, while also providing small hints to Eon’s identity earlier in the episode.
This edit was made to keep Ben's future a mystery, and provide additional hints of Eon's identity earlier in the episode.
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Added disclaimer and logo.

All references to Ben 10,000 being Ben's future self have been removed or changed.

Changed title from Ben 10,000 Returns to Eon Returns.

Added "Fan Edited by Revan100" when Kevin opens the door to the museum.

Shots of RAT Ben during and after the events of Race Against Time are shown when Ben and Gwen interact with the Hands of Armageddon. These give additional hints to Eon's identity that was stated by Professor Paradox and imply a connection between Eon and the Hands to help explain why he dies after the device is destroyed.

Removed Paradox saying alternate worlds should not leak into others to account for this edits narrative changes to Ben 10,000.

Removed Paradox telling Kevin they are going to destroy every version of the Hands.

Changed Eon's eyes from green to purple.

Ben doesn't ask Ben 10,000 to give him Master Control.

Ben 10,000's arm doesn't move when telling Ben he gave him some new aliens to keep his position consistent in the next shot.

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