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I just got done watching this, for the second time. Watched it last night on its own, and again tonight with the commentary track. I don't know how Blueyoda knew I was going to watch it with the commentary track, but I did. I mean how could I not listen to it after reading that I make an appearance? lol And let's not forget how much fun Neg and Juice's commentary tracks for the FvJ set were.

A couple of things about the commentary:

1. I never noticed how TMBTM, Blueyoda,and myself all sound alike. It must be the French accent. ;P

2. During the scene where Jay Chandrasekhar is telling his ping pong story you comment on how the buttons on his shirt are on the wrong side. Well, that's because he's wearing a blouse. Men's shirts have the buttons on the right side whereas women's blouses have the buttons on the left side.

As for the edit itself, it was a lot of fun. I don't know why they didn't re-insert these deleted scenes themselves for the extended edition, but thankfully you did. The only quality issue I saw was during the addition of the segment from the original Oktoberfest at the beginning. Aside from that the deleted scenes looked to be the same quality as the rest of the film. The only one that I could tell had been added was during the scene at the bowling alley when Fink is showing Landfill "Fink's Position". And that's only because his stein goes from being full to empty just before he drinks it.

While the original film was already really good, you made it great. Definitely my go-to version from now on.

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