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(Updated: April 18, 2013)
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I haven't seen Beerfest in years (and maybe at an age that I was too young too see a movie filled with alcohol, tits and inappropriate jokes), and it was totally out of my mind. Then, as I was perusing, I saw that Beerfest - Get Hammered Edition had been released to my surprise. After downloading it, I watched it, and I enjoyed it.

This is a simple edit, since it's nothing but an extended edition. Obviously the scenes edited into the fanedit are of lower quality in terms of auditory and visual quality, but it never gets annoying. The special features of the DVD are filled with in-jokes, or I'm just so f*cking stupid that i don't get it. But probably the former.

I enjoyed the Audio Commentary for both the MP4 and the DVD versions, which was a pleasant surprise that there was not only one, but two audio commentaries for this fanedit. Done drunk none the less. If you enjoy the movie Beerfest, then you'll whole-heatedly enjoy this fanedit, since it's more of what you love. This fanedit gets a drunk recommend from me, with a headache and no regrets in the morning.

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