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November 5, 2008

“Because You Were Home” A FanEdit by ThrowgnCpr.

Contains Heavy Spoilers!!!!!!

A couple in hysterical terror for over an hour is hard to take especially if there is not much sympathy with or for them.

This could almost be a list of horror cliches in its own right. Girl uses kitchen knife, Girl runs, trips and falls. Wheezing evildoers that are masked. Not doing the logical and searching out every dark corner or strange noise. I could go on about tool sheds, old radios and record players but I won’t.

I wonder why most horror films always seem to need the confined dark location as a prerequisite, coupled with extreme lapses in normal thought process.

I think logic however twisted is the cause for most murder and torture, so the premise in this scenario ‘because you were home’ feels a little unconvincing. More so, that three equally minded psychos working in perfect unison could have found each other to perpetrate such crimes.

Also the final reveal is made to the victims but not the audience. This left me feeling short changed.

I am glad that the brutality and gratuitous violence of the end was handled in this new and very clever way, leaving the graphic images to your imagination, while showing idiclic shots in opposition to horrific audio. This for me was the most successful part of this FanEdit.

The DVD is very well presented and easy to navigate. The quality of image seemed good maybe a little dark at times. The audio was perfect. The editing is seamless.

Editing 5, Audio 5, Entertainment 2, DVD presentation 5. So a solid 4/5
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