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TV-to-Movie January 09, 2012 4893
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To be honest, I was unsure about this type of edit. However, with the editor being Bionic Bob, the idea had merit. Sure, it cuts out a lot of dramatization, but there is a lot to be said for the credo ‘less is more’.

This is a fantastic merger of old and new. Bob has taken a lot of scenes from the entirety of the series and ‘movies’ to make this a unique approach. All of it is very well done.

Video: 10/10 No hard cuts that I could discern.
Audio: 9/10 with that final point being due to music mix. There are points where the old music is a bit too loud in comparison to the background noise and chatter, and drowned it out some. Other than that, the mix of the old music with the new drum beats really did work out well. The addition of the old launch tube sound effects surprised me, and hit that little boy in my head, who bounced around like a little maniac.

Overall, I’d give this a 10/10, or an ‘A’ without the plus for that music bit I mentioned.

Outstanding! I even got some pins and needles going with some of the music queues. Two Thumbs Up!
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