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So, i was quite excited to see a miniseries take on The Batman for more digestibility and some narrative improvements.

The overall tone of it doesn´t reinvent the exploration of the story, but that is fine and i didn´t thought it was Dons intention to do so. Therefore if you liked the original movie and structure you will be pleased to tread known waters. It´s worthwile.

As far as the format of a miniseries go it´s a hit and miss for me, personally - visual and narrative editing:
- Vol.1 started with the narration of Batman and his crime fighting, which is a far more compelling entry for this series then the murder of the mayor. Nice switch there and good placement of the title sequence after the cold open.
- Vol.2.3.4: i thought the cold opens didn´t work. Not necessarily narrative-wise but the length. 7-10 minutes for an opening of follow up episodes before a title sequence would work if the movie would´ve been shot as a series. But it wasn´t and the movie story structure doesn´t really give enough room to tell it lke that unfortunately, in my opinion.
The ending of vol.3 with Batman visiting the Riddler in prison (raise of the roller blind) is a perfect one because the third installement has the deleted joker scene in the beginning.
Unfortunately vol.4 doesn´t pick upon of the ending of vol.3 and starts with cementery scene of Selina and Batman, when it should´ve with Riddler and Batman, in my view.

Audio Editing:
Seemless cuts and rescoring. Technically without flaws.
The rescored scene with Bruce and Alfred in the hospital is a nice idea, although i found it a bit too sad and loud in a technical sense.

Overall it was a nice edit and well done work editing-wise. But which doesn´t really work as a series i´m afraid.
I appreciate the created title cards and that the edit was done in UHD as well as 5.1 surround.

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November 18, 2022
This is such a great review. I love that you considered how the breaks worked, not just praised that there WERE breaks like many of the other reviews.
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