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FanMix March 10, 2008 2051
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Batman Begins in less than 50 minutes. This was a pretty impressively effort narratively speaking. Firstly, there were some technical issues. Audio was frequently out of sync with the video. A few of the AV cuts were a bit rough. The quality wasn't the best. The addition of dates was unnecessary and looked unprofessional. However, the new narrative constructed, which focusses on Batman's first year of crimefighting in Gotham, was very interesting. Many characters were removed entirely, such as Alfred and Lucius, and others were reduced considerably. The main characters in this edit are Batman (not Bruce), Gordon, Rachel, and Crane/Scarecrow. Ra's Al Ghul is gone, and instead the edit implies the whole operation was masterminded by the Joker. This means all the training scenes are gone as well. The core focus of the film is Crane's water supply operation. It's so quickly cut that it could've been an episode of TV. I still question leaving in Carl Finch though, along with the scene of Bruce in the restaurant.

Overall, if you're interested in the story of Batman Begins alone then this is the edit for you. Be aware however that all character development has been cut. Still, I think this is a very good fast cut of Batman Begins if you just want to watch The Dark Knight without skipping Batman Begins.
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