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(Updated: August 10, 2018)
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If you just want to know if this is worth a watch, then I'd say yes. Regardless of whether you liked the original, this fix is unique enough that it warrants its own viewing.

That being said, there are some things I'd like to point out. I am a fan of the original color grade, and here it just felt artificial. Softer Earth colors do not look good, for example.
Audio is very good, it does its job.
As far as video editing goes, certain scenes are very jarring with abrupt cuts and shots that do not last long enough (The bathroom scene at the end was one of the worst culprits of this). I know these things happen in fanedits, but I saw no attempt to smooth these scenes out.
Audio editing is much better. Nothing more to say here, it's good.
Narrative is good too. The movie obviously will never work without the Doomsday fight, but it was an amazing effort nonetheless, and definitely gives you a lot to chew on.
Enjoyment? Easily a 9. I will definitely be watching it again over the weekend with some friends.

Overall: a cut above the rest despite some glaring technical inconsistencies.

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