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Batman v Superman: No Justice
March 15, 2017    
(Updated: July 15, 2017)
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Let me start by saying that I am a huge comic book movie fan, and an even bigger Batman and Superman fan. However, after seeing BvS in theaters I was left with a slightly hollow feeling. I felt like I'd just watched a potentially amazing movie, but it never shone through due to muddled pacing and sub-plots, important plot points never being made clear, and just general wtf moments.
When the Ultimate Edition came out I felt it tidied up some of these problems by making the overarching plot clearer, but my it was a long 3 hour slog.

THIS is the alternate cut everyone's been waiting for.

This cuts out any JL fluff, murky sub-plots and silly moments. Leaving a crisp, cohesive, narrative driven DC movie. The video and audio editing was impeccable. I literally could not find one fault throughout the whole movie, everything moved along seamlessly.
I also think everything Reese took out, and also put in, led to what this film was meant to be.
Cutting out the cgi Doomsday bash fest, cameos, needless dialogue and adding things like the jokers laugh, the cut of martha and young clark during the martha scene and linking it all together seamlessly with the soundtrack is a feat beyond words.

I saw another reviewer say Lois saying Clark 'came back' didn't make sense due to the editing, but he had just flown away from the Capitol so she could have easily meant that. The Martha scene was also fantastically done so there was no eye rolling. Thomas Wayne's final word was Martha's name and this obviously still resonates with Bruce to this day, the reaction was exactly what I would expect from this. The cut then makes it obvious they talk and Bruce decides to save Martha, to stop the same thing happening to Clark's mother that did his. The shot of young Martha here really brings this home.

The cut out footage was always at the back of my mind, but I never noticed anything missing from this cut. DCEU plot aside, this is the cut I will always turn to if I ever want to watch this film again. My hope is that like with his prologue, Reese will make an epilogue showing the cameos and supermans death that will link this film to Justice League. Then we can truly enjoy it as part of the canon narritive.

This only loses stars due to the quality of the film itself, everything Reese did gets 10/10.

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