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Batman v Superman is a complex, overly angry and edgy beast, but much like DC's recent ''Rebirth'' iniative in the comic books, sometimes hope is all you need to tame it. The original film has very little of that in it, from the themes, character motivations, the lousy editing, to the very colour grading, and all in the name of needless franchise-building which, frankly after seeing the original, you're left in a quandry over whether or not the rest of the DCU is worth any investment.

Thankfully here, there is hope. The edits are seemless, the grading is bright, and there is no clutter. The main event is the centerpiece of the movie as the title demanded, and the ending is more in-line with how Clark and even Bruce ought to be.

We did not come here for the Justice, but with this edit, you can stay for the dawn.
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