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Batman v Superman: No Justice
March 15, 2017    
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Batman v Superman: No Justice is a fan edit worth your time.

To start, this new fan edit has a better, faster pace. The trimming of scenes are flawless, leaving no traces of it being tampered with from the original movie. (cutting out Jimmy being Jimmy for example) And to be honest, letting that photographer just be a CIA agent, and NOT Jimmy, is much better. Small choices are also made on Lex Luther, to make him seem less twitchy. Though we have to live with what ever parts of the performance we were left with anyway to help the story move, it is better and easier for people to digest.

It's hard not to imagine your own fan edit of this movie, especially if you view it multiple times for the parts that work. Having said that, the movie's edit is not flawless. There are certain moments in the batmobile chase scene that should have been left in (such as Batman putting a locator on the truck) but for those who were thrown off by Batman ramming into a car killing several people, will be very happy with how this scene was spliced together. It is a scene that always belonged in the middle of the movie for balancing purposes, but that is on the film itself, and not something a fan edit will fix.

The selling point for this edit is the third act. The thing everyone paid money to see. Batman verses Superman. Though some more pointers could go to the editing of setting the scene up (like Lois just knowing to go to Gotham without Superman telling her where he is off to) it is still the fight you came to see. This edit will not change your opinion on how much you enjoyed, or did not enjoy the fight. There was a cool little line from the trailer, absent from the finished product, I was happy to hear make its way into this scene.

This cut of the film is very well made, no matter what personal ideas one might have for their own edit. The story removes all notions of a connected universe, such as Justice League, Wonder Woman, even Doomsday. It is as it probably always should have been. A movie about Batman at odds with Superman. I highly recommend for anyone who wanted to see this film in an alternate reality, where the cinematic universe is not a requirement for your comic book movie.


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