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Batman v Superman: No Justice
March 15, 2017    
(Updated: June 15, 2017)
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This a fantastic edit based on a terrific idea to reduce the convoluted and nonsensical plot of Batman v Superman.

Unfortunately, so much of the problem with this movie is the source material -- it's too bad Reese couldn't shoot new scenes, LOL. The core problems with the original cut remain -- there's a sense of tedium to everything that isn't an action scene. Superman comes across as mopey and uninspiring. Batman seems hateful and mentally unstable. Gal Gadot was one of the highlights of the original cut and while it makes sense from a story perspective to cut her scenes to focus on Batman and Superman, her scenes remain the most entertaining part of the movie, so losing them makes the entertainment value of BvS suffer.

That said, this was a terrific fanedit. If I never saw BvS before and you told me this was the original theatrical release, I would have believed you. All the fault lies with the film-makers, not with Reese and the amazing job he did here.

The most effective parts are where Reese gets really creative and cuts the Martha flashbacks into that scene of the movie. He helps make it feel a lot less ridiculous, so very well done.

I wouldn't mind seeing an edit that gets rid of the dream sequences and JLA easter eggs while keeping Wonder Woman and Doomsday in the film.

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