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I really enjoyed this edit. The exclusion of Doomsday and Wonder Woman didn't bother me at all. The only thing that was missing for me as far as the narrative goes, was where was Superman after he and Batman stopped fighting? I assume he went to collect Luthor and dump his ass in jail. This missing detail only bothered me because I've seen the film in its complete form though, and know what happened next in that version. It's not the end of the world though, just my nit picky nature. All in all though, great work. My go to version of this film from here on in.
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(Updated: March 29, 2017) March 29, 2017
Many thanks for the kind review, Jamie!

In regards the point you made about Superman after the Batman fight, it was a case of making Lemonade with the few lemons I had. In the original, Superman recovers and vows to go after Martha, and Batman convinces him not to. In the absence of Doomsday, there is no logical sense in this scene. Superman would just save his mother; he wouldn't require Batman's help.

By showing Superman completely floored, I wanted to suggest the second blast of Kryptonite gas finished him off (more in line with The Dark Knight Returns comic book), and that only Batman at that stage can save Martha. Indeed, Superman tells him point blank to save her.

As for Luthor, Lois had gathered ironclad evidence of his involvement in the Congressional bombing. Luthor's last hope was that he would push Lois off the helipad and Superman would not be able to rescue her in time. By Lois and Martha surviving, Luthor is utterly defeated. As to how Luthor is apprehended, he could indeed have been brought in off-screen by Superman or a counter-terrorist unit or whoever else.
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