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This edit does exactly what it sets to do - eliminate everything related to the "Dawn of Justice" side of the movie and focus on Batman vs Superman.

Does it work? Hell, yeah.

I, myself, share the same opinion as Reese regarding the original movie. All the Justice League stuff felt like they don't really belong and are there because the company is rushing the shared universe train.

The quality of the edit is great. Didn't notice any issue there.
I had no problem with audio and video editing. Though, sometimes I felt something is not right and had to re-watch few scenes several times. I guess, it's only because the original movie is always in the background of my head. Bottom line, I found nothing wrong or missing.

The story felt more focused. I like that we don't have a monster villain. Well, we actually do: a different kind of monster - Lex Luthor. And dare I say: Luthor was much more tolerable in this edit.

I like DC's serious, gritty approach to the source material. However, I felt like there needs to be some more action in the middle of the movie. Otherwise, it gets kinda boring with all the investigations, plots, politics and morals. This is not something the editor can fix - the editor is working with the available material. But, I cannot fully enjoy this movie. Though, this edit miraculously didn't pull me out of the film. I watched it beginning to end at one sitting - something I honestly cannot do with the original.

This is a great alternative sequel to "Man of Steel" that doesn't tie in to DCCU continuity, but is fun to watch, nonetheless. I definitely recommend it.
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April 03, 2017
It was strange when I stripped out all the Doomsday stuff- how few action scenes are in the movie. The common criticism about Snyder is he's all about spectacle and action, but that really isn't the case with the large majority of this film. The film ironically, needed an action scene for when Batman stole the Kryptonite from LexCorp- rather than show it after the fact on CCTV, and probably a more extensive Batmobile sequence.
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