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(Updated: May 10, 2020)
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Excellent edit of the movie and makes it 100x better than the original theatrical cut. I always felt that the story was overly complicated by missing plot points and details (partially fixed by the ultimate edition) but this edit makes it so much more simple and understandable. Being able to easily follow the plot made the movie so much more suspenseful and the drama between Batman and Superman so much more palpable. SPOILER ALERT ******** I like that the Doomsday ending was left out as it was so superfluous to the rest of the plot. My one complaint with this edit was that it felt TOO SHORT. I get that part of this was due to Doomsday being left out but the ending felt a little too rushed for me. For example, after the infamous "Martha" scene the movie cuts directly to batman getting into his plane to save Superman's mom but leaves out the part where they discuss who is going after who which makes the cut so abrupt and leaves you wondering why he decided to go save Superman's mom rather than Superman doing it himself. Now I understand that Lois' dialogue mentions the Scout Ship but perhaps her dialogue could've been cut and Batman's dialogue also cut to simply say "They need you". In addition, I don't remember exactly how it went in the original cut but I wish there was a more smooth way to transition from Martha being saved to Lex being in prison. That part also felt abrupt. Also, why cut out Batman jumping from his Bat-plane??? I was so disappointed not to see that because it was badass and one of the few highlights of the original. Lastly, was there anyway to include a little bit more Superman? I think the while the brooding Superman was overdone there were some beautiful moments in the Ultimate Edition that made a lot of honest sense with everything that's happened. Him seeing his father on the mountain was one of those moments. Perhaps there's a happy medium somewhere Superman can die and truly have HIS moment in the movie but have the movie as coherence of this cut as well as the superfluous Justice League seeds left out.
Anyways, those are my few complaints and I'm not sure if any other way was really possible but either way I appreciate this movie so much more now. Snyder did have some amazing scenes shot incredibly well but the way the movie was cut could've made so much more sense. Also loved the ending with Superman surviving and joining Lois. That was a perfect ending for him. Such a shame that it took a fanedit to get it right but I guess that's the world we live in. This movie was near and dear to my heart as I followed all of the news leading up to its release so thank you for redeeming it for me!

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