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When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first came out, I found it terribly confusing and full of shortcomings in its screenplay. Nonetheless, I could see somewhat a cinematic power in it that was absent in other superhero films before it and has been since. I definitely liked it more than Man of Steel, and liked it more than other Superman movies, of which I've never been a fan of.
When the Ultimate Edition was released, I was surprised at how much more comprehensible the movie was. All in all, I found myself pretty happy with what I got... and it soon became more and more evident that the movie was a bad movie with some great elements and some absolutely unbelievably confusing, unrelated plot points.
When this edit by Reeseevans was released to rave reviews and articles all over the nerd spectre of the internet, I was naturally inticed into watching it. Stupidly enough, I had not seen it up to this day.

This edit is absolutely wonderful, and elevates Batman v Superman to a much better movies than most of the ones released today in the same genre. If this had come out in 2016, I would have loved it, even though it isn't perfect. Naturally, the editor couldn't overcome some of the screenplay's shortsighted twists and turns, but the narrative is so neat, tight, focused and all in all powerful (and I'd say thought-provoking), that it's overwhelming.
If others, like me, did not truly understand what the movie is about when watching the original cuts, this edit emphasizes and pulls out the heart of the story in an outstanding way.
This movie becomes about three men losing faith. Even though Batman is undeniably the central character here, Superman does indeed have an arc, despite what I'd heard. Batman starts the movie with no faith in humanity, believing he needs to stop Superman because he cannot leave the world in the hands of an all-powerful alien. However, his arc closes when he understands Superman is human just as much as he is, and decides to spare him. Superman, on the other hand, is a man who does all in his power to do good. When humanity turns on him after the Capitol bombings, though, he loses faith and disappears. The only thing that brings him back is his love for Lois, which helps him regain faith - as perfectly synthesized by the last scene of the two making love.
On the other hand, we have Alexander Luthor, who doesn't have faith in God because it didn't save him from his father as a child. As a consequence, he tries to tear Superman - a "new god" - down, to demonstrate that faith is unjustified. He fails, showing both Bruce's and Clark's faith to be superior.
For all these reasons, I say: congratulations.

A few minor nitpicks, to conclude this review. The audio transition at 27:54 kicks in really early on, and it makes the cut very, very slightly jarring. I would also have removed the granny's peach tea moment, but I perfectly understand how it is needed to build tension and I actually quite liked it here.
Finally, I think that perhaps you could've used Lex's violin strings theme over the last shot of the devils and angels picture, as it may have worked as slightly less bombastic and somewhat more intimate.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved this fan edit, which deserves all the praise it can get. This is one of the very few times I can say I may put this fanedit in my DVD collection!

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