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Extremely well made first time edit! A common criticism upon the release of The Batman, and one I can get behind, was that it was about half an hour too long. And that is exactly what this version addresses. 24 minutes have been excised without altering the narrative whatsoever, and it still feels complete, showing that maybe Matt Reeves recreated himself in his footage a bit too much. Chances are, though, that a few of the scenes that you remember the most vividly from the theatrical release will be absent here, as darlings have been admittedly and mercilessly killed, and some people will be likely to miss them. But if this was your first viewing, I assure you that you would never guess that anything was missing at all.

I must give a warning, though: the end credits song has been replaced, and the new one will likely be very divisive, and even a dealbreaker for some of you. Part of the viewers may find it fitting, while others could find it out of place or even unintentionally funny. Won't spoil it, I'll just say it's from another Batman movie. There's a subsequent instrumental piece that I think will be met with more consensus, a great homage to the different screen incarnations of the Bat.

Technically, as I said, this is very impressive. One of the most well-crafted first-time edits that I've ever encountered. Perfect 10s all around for that. Narratively, this edit doesn't fix all my issues with The Batman, but those are pretty specific and might not be anyone else's, so if you would have wished for a version of the film that is a tad faster and shorter but with the narrative unaltered, this one is definitely for you. Definitely solid stuff.
Owner's reply September 16, 2022

Again, thanks for the feedback, Dwight!

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