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First off not many times will i rate a edit 10 out of 10. But this one deserves every bit of it. Red Hood is one of my favorite Batman animations. I never really thought of it having much dead weight or any real issues. It was just a epic batman animation including the original Robin all grown up as Nightwing, there are shout out's about Batgirl being paralyzed by the Joker and just a ton of great nods shown to the source material which doesn't happen alot. That being said I went into this edit a little apprehensive about it after reading the cut list but I have to say UA did an amazing job. The edit seemed a little short at first but when i looked at it, with all the cuts and trimming the edit comes in at just over 1 hour and 11 minutes. Which seems way short, but even the most recent of today's DC animated movies only clock 1 hour and 15. Not only has UA managed to speed up the pacing he removed what at the time didn't seem like over burdening exposition. All these cut's are done perfectly and with extreme grace.

All and all this is the best animated Fanedit I have seen to date.

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