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I love Batman. Certainly the one super hero that I always have. I remember the Adam West series from when I was a kid. I was so excited when the first Batman movie was on...however...I wasn't interested in any of these animated Batman shows or movies that have been released in my adulthood. I felt like they ruined a great thing. I didn't even consider that they may be good...some even better than the non-animated releases. There are so many. Several have been fanedited.

I bought the bluray release of Batman Under The Red Hood a couple of years ago in anticipation of reviewing this edit. This edit was never finished. I never watched the movie...until I watched this edit. I told PanteraSteel that I wouldn't be able to watch the edit for enjoyment because I didn't care for the animated movies. He very gently encouraged me to reconsider. Even sharing his own story with me. He was correct. I did watch this edit for enjoyment the other night with a couple of die hard fans who felt much the same way as PanteraSteel. It was amazing how much better the edit was than a few of the movies. I truly stand corrected! Excellent work! Highly recommended!

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