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Batman: The Man Who Laughs
November 22, 2018    
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Overall this is an excellent fanedit. The only things that hold it back in my opinion are the video being a bit soft (if there's a larger file available I would prefer it) and the soundtrack being only 2.0. That being said, almost all my edits are in 2.0 so I get it. Especially with music replacement. Here are some random thoughts:
- Vault rescore is great
- Subtle reorder at the beginning flows better and makes more sense. I never thought about it until I saw it different, good idea
- Scarecrow getting away is good
- The only cut that doesn't work for me is the one from the truck driving off with Harvey after his arrest. The audio cut is a bit rough and the visual cut is a bit awkward, with the vehicle facing left and then suddenly cutting to it moving to the right. I would flip the video of Harvey and Rachel saying goodbye. Or maybe a smoother audio cut would suffice, not sure
- Armored car chase was much better overall. I dig the musical change and the small cuts
- Ending editing is very nicely done
- I don't like the title. It's a small thing and I get the reference but it's a bit unwieldy. I'm sure you don't feel like changing it but I would go with 'Shadow of the Bat' or something else. There are better titles but that one works on a couple levels (Joker mirrors Batman but in opposite in many ways obviously)
- You should have added Bill Finger to the credits. Every Batman edit for the movies pre-2015 should do this
- Credits rescore is an improvement

Overall, great work!

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