Batman: The Killing Joke: The DCAU Cut

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"Here's to crime"
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As Bruce Wayne reconnects with Selina Kyle, his alter ego's eternal enemy is hell bent on proving a point, and nooone, not Thomas Elliot or Barbara Gordon, are going to stand in the way of that
One of the irritable things about the later out-of-continuity DC movies that make use of the voice cast from the DC animated universe of that it often brings up the question of why don't they just make a continuation? Surely it can't be that problematic? Whatever their reasons, I feel like they waste big opportunities....and whenever they do go back to the DCAU, it's largely for superfluous reasons and giggles (Batman and Harley)

I figured time has come to see if I can do something different with the Dark Knight. The goal here is to adapt "The Killing Joke" but give it more of a DCAU vibe, i.e, follow the continuity of Batman TAS/New Batman Adventures, include characters like Nightwing and Catwoman etc.
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-Batman: Hush DVD release
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-Bruce talks with Nightwing and meets Selina and Thomas Elliot at the party

-Battle with Bane. We cut the beginning of Bruce’s investigation into Ivy as she’s not in the cut

-Bruce and Selina attend the opera. Harley Quinn attacks, Thomas is killed by Joker (who pleads innocence) who Batman almost kills, but is ultimately incarcerated. This Joker indeed turns out to be an imposter (Killing Joke) and doesn’t desire another Bat-beating

-Killing Joke plays out as normal

-After the Joker’s song and dance number, we find Bruce and Dick in the Batcave, Selina calls Bruce

-Bruce rendezvous with the cops and acquires the final clue to Joker’s lair. Remainder of Killing Joke plays out

-New mid-credits scene is Bruce and Selina sleeping together.

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