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Batman: The Killing Joke - The Book Cut
August 12, 2016    
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Absolutely seamless (outside of nitpicking). This should have been an extra on the Blu-ray release. I've read The Killing Joke years ago and watched The Killing Joke last year. I'd recommend people watch this version before they watch the official release as there is no distracting Batgirl love story sub-plot.

A few issues/recommendations though:
1. The compression could be improved.
2. I think Gordon's trial in front of the carnies should be included. It's not in the original book, but it adds a glimpse of Gordon's mental state, makes a statement on the similarities between Batman and the Joker, and opens the question of what Gordon's sense of justice is after experiencing his tragedy (which is later resolved).
3. I HIGHLY recommend removing the added "Perhaps, you'll kill me, perhaps I'll kill you" voice-over when Batman arrives at the carnival as this fan-edit is now a short film and the audience doesn't need to be reminded this was said only 20 minutes before. I also found the audio editing of this voice-over to be distracting.
4. It would be nice if there was a way to edit the ending to show Batman ambiguously killing the Joker as many fans interpret this as the true ending from the comic. It could possibly be done by doing a messy fade to black towards the center and a sound effect of a neck cracking as the two are laughing.

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