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A Batman-centric fanedit of BvS has always been tantalizing to me, since Batman is clearly the character that Zack Snyder feels more comfortable with. Unfortunately, I was really left wanting with this edit.

I don’t know if it was lack of previewing or what, but there was a lot of non-Batman related scenes that should have been removed (the hearings on Nairomi, the jolly rancher scene, arguably congress blowing up), as well as payoffs that make no sense because the set-up was removed (Lois recognizes KGBeast for no reason, Lex references “sand in the desert” despite Nairomi being cut, KGBeast saying “everytime we say goodbye” even though the song was cut out, & Lois says “[Clark] came back” when I have no way of knowing he left to begin with).

As for only doing the bare-minimum in setting up non-Batman characters, that creates an experience with little to no narrative thrust from scene to scene. After we’re introduced to Clark, we immediately jump to Bruce in the underground fight club, then we jump to Lex talking with Senator Finch in his father’s study (who are talking about someone completely divorced from Batman, btw), & then back to Bruce’s dream.

I’m sorry, but if you’re going to keep so much non-Batman related stuff, you at least need the scene from the film’s theatrical cut of Clark learning about Batman in his apartment, so the Superman stuff doesn’t come out of the blue.

All of that combined with not fixing other flaws from the original film (Diana getting the Justice League email & “Martha”) means I cannot recommend this edit to anyone, sadly.

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Owner's reply September 14, 2022

Personal enjoyment is always just that. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the edit, others don't seem to share your misgivings.

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