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... but a standalone "Batman" movie it is not. "Bah humbug!"

As a fanedit Batman: Path to Justice is nearly impeccable. As a movie it's the best thing in the DC catalogue.

With regard to technical skill this movie is essentially flawless. I didn't read the change list and I don't know the original movies expertly, but I didn't notice any flaws in the audio or video. Narratively there are things that work and things that don't, but those are largely built into the original content, and generally personal preference, so difficult to avoid. I think this works really well as a movie and is definitively the best thing I've watched and enjoyed of modern DC movies.

If I were being a pissy devils advocate, not that it needs it WHATSOEVER, but for some reason I feel like if you wanted to really try and make this a Batman-centric movie, you could maaayyyyyyybe cut the Doomsday plot, edit out a lot more Lex, scrapped Wonder Woman and the judge/DA/whatever lady plots, and somehow (magically?) focussed more on the "vs Superman" plot as the crux of the film. I say that as an asshole blabbering, not as any informed thing that knows how to do it, so take me with a grain of salt. Plus in hindsight you'd be cutting two strong female characters from an otherwise raging boner fest, Let me say it again, this edit was fun as hell.

And I could go on about how Lex of the movie should have been Lex we're introduced to in the final montage (or not Jesse Eisenberg), or how Batman's superhuman strength makes for primo extended battle sequences but doesn't really make a lick of sense in regard to the character (I love that one brawl towards the end with all the dudes in the warehouse), and a million other choosey little things but these obviously have nothing to do with this edit, which is amazing. I do love that black Superman coffin too, good job DC.

The end.

Thank you very much asterixsmeagol for encouraging this release, and especially to Malthus for the incredibly precise work and for sharing!!

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