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The 6th review by Nickian Duracell.

Lol, sorry about that, I will start this review by saying that after watching this edit of Batman Forever, it's my opinion that the first 3 Batman movies make one of the best trilogies ever made. Yes I'm pointing at you Dark Knight trilogy (and ignoring Batman & Robin almost completely). I haven't seen Batman Forever in at least 10 years but I'm old enough to have seen the original trilogy in the theaters. Batman One: "you wanna get crazy?? "Let's get Crazy!!". Batman Returns: Pee wee and Simone(?) are the penguins parents/catwoman neon sign says hello there she smashes part of it "Hell Here", Batman Forever: Ace Ventura as the Riddler, Nicole "To Die For" Kidman, and Seal's Kiss from a Rose. Blah blah blah.

So this edit isn't my preferred Batman Forever but I'm really glad it got me to watch this movie again which I became so afraid of after Batman & Robin and which I pretty much forgot existed after THE Dark Knight Trilogy. Holy S Jim Carrey is great in this movie, Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic in my opinion, unpredictable, over the top, major inspiration for the new Joker i'd say. Nicole Kidman has never been hotter . And Val Kilmer is equally great in the role as Michael Keaton and the change is almost not noticeable because the first half hour of the movie he's in the Batsuit.

Reasons why the original is my favorite version: I miss the Bat nipple scene (chase meridian being aggressive), I don't mind the Bat ass (Joel Schumacher is openly gay oh well, he gives us the hottest red head ever here fine by me). I like the idea that Batman and Chase hookup at the end (forever??), I miss the silhouettes at the end. As someone else mentioned I read, I love Trilogy's and if I forget about B&R this is one of the best ever without needing any further altercations in my book, unlike the dark knight trilogy where I was able to see the Begins Dark Cut and that's my preferred version as well as whoever decides to cut out Joseph Dumbass Levitt from the Dark KNight Rises that will be my Preferred EDIT .

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