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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
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Revisiting this edit I must say that while some edits are really good there is something that is still missing.
When you watch the DVD - deleted scenes about Bruce finding his diary/the red book it is not really clear what is written in this book. We understand it because of the interviews and what has been written about the deleted scenes, but just narratively we only know that there is a book that belonged to his father and if we are not fast enough to read the lines that bruce is reading we are left with "not my fault" and that's it

before that we don't even know why he blamed himself or anything. The overall editing is pretty good but the desturation is a bit too much in places and would have needed scene-specific tweaking. It looks as if there was a global filter applied which works for some scenes but not for others.

I hope we will someday get JMB's and DwightFry's "Dark Cut" of Batman forever because this is a movie that not only needs cutting and deleted scenes but also bold restructuring and addition of new scenes/dialog
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